Bravery Beyond the Battlefield

The Richard L. Ferguson Memorial Chapter (Chapter XC/90) recognizes that courage is not found only on the battlefield.  While Special Forces has a well deserved world wide reputation for battlefield bravery, we know that bravery can come in many different forms.  So we want to recognize regional individuals who have performed exemplary deeds or services that enrich the civic spirit and values of our community.  We truly believe that these deeds and services that can serve as an inspiration to our fellow citizens and represent the best in all of us. This award was established to recognize private citizens, our friends and neighbors, in our central Virginia region (including the city of Fredericksburg, and the counties of King George, Fauquier, Orange, Spotsylvania, Caroline, and Stafford) who display exceptional ‘Bravery Beyond the Battlefield.’ As such this award is established to recognize citizens in our vicinity who display bravery that represents the best in all of us and that enhances our culture and local communities.  Please read below about our latest recipient, and consider nominating someone for consideration for the next award.


Presented to Ms. Debbie Sparks

The Richard L. Ferguson Memorial Chapter (Chapter XC/90) initiated it’s 1st annual Bravery Beyond the Battlefield award in 2019.

We were proud to present the 2019 Courage Award to Ms. Debbie Sparks, who was honored and presented with a plaque at the annual Chapter Holiday Party in January 2020.  Ms. Sparks was chosen from multiple nominees due to her outstanding efforts to better the lives of children in our local community, as well as supporting nationwide veteran-related efforts. 


She chose to adopt a young boy with significant emotional issues and provide him with a safe, loving home and an opportunity for a real future that was not going to happen in his previous situation. 


Ms. Sparks was also the National Operations Manager for the Wreaths Across America project.



You may not nominate yourself for this award.  You must have firsthand knowledge of an action or were a witness to an act or event involving the candidate to nominate a person (or persons) for the Profile In Courage Award.


If you are nominating a spouse, child, parent or other close relation it is highly recommended to have a second nominator listed that has knowledge of the accomplishment but is not related to the nominee.

The nominee shall not have been previously recognized by another organization for the same act or deed unless that organization is the primary employer (e.g. a Stafford County firefighter being recognized by Stafford County Fire and Rescue for a heroic act).

Nominee must be a resident of, or employed in, the greater Fredericksburg area which includes the city of Fredericksburg, and the counties of King George, Fauquier, Orange, Spotsylvania, Caroline, and Stafford.


To be considered for the Profile In Courage Award, one or more of the following criteria shall have been met by the nominee:

  • Initiated, or was directly involved, in an act that saved, or attempted to save, a life or lives while putting themselves at great risk of injury or death

  • Defeated an extreme personal hardship (physical, financial, substance dependence, etc.) and elevated themselves to be a role model for others going through a like difficulty

  • Dedicated significant personal time and resources for the betterment of another person, whether it be family, friend, coworker, neighbor, etc., through education, physical assistance, counseling or motivation

  • Dedicated significant personal time and resources for the betterment of an organization or entity that supports the community such as hospitals, churches, shelters or food banks.

  • Volunteered as a caretaker for an individual suffering a terminal or debilitating illness to provide comfort and support, and improve quality of life




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